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Dress pants bulge

Dress Pants Bulge
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Discussion in ' Miscellaneous ' started by Mr LightDec 6, The Trek BBS. ed: Dec 7, Location: Pennsylvania. OK guys I have a weird question for you. Don't freak out!

Name: Tamma

How old am I: 50
My gender: Woman
Zodiac sign: Cancer
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I used to work in a lot of business offices, and all the male workers were required to wear suits and dress pants. I can't wear flat-front dress pants. I'd love to see some more pictures posted with this thread! On some it looks cool and on some it looks ridiculous. My ex-wife took a pic of me in a wedding and my cock was very noticible throught the tux pants. It was hard not to stare and concentrate on my test! These days I am in a position in which I don't have to worry about it as much so I wear boxers and jeans a lot and sometimes attract more attention than I am comfortable with.

Although, it is fun to notice them talking to my crotch.

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IMHO there's limitations to everything. This is what I'm talkin' about! Anyway, the pic in the post above ticked me off to remind me of that As I glanced around the rest of the men in the room and saw some showing, but others had been sitting the way I shifted to leg crossed over the other or closed from the moment they sat down.

If the crotch is up kind of high or tight, the bulge will show more. I have in jeans, and I like to wear jeans, always a verry big bulge. Oh wait.

So what do you do about the bulge in your dress pants?

I will say that I very, very rarely wear light colored pants There's obvious discussion each time I do. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? And with wearing thight boxers and pants with a good fit it is no problem. I have never, and will never, acknowledge it in front of students.

I would never do anything like that.

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I used to wear slacks which were rather too large for my waist and butt, and even pleated-front slacks, which I hated but which made the package less easily noticed. If you are a professional, it is not felt to be appropriate to have a visible penis outline. Show Ignored Content. I was at a test today and the man facilitating the test had some nice bulge going on in his dress pants. ed: Sep 8, Posts: Likes Received: John Ireland:.

Tailored slacks can be made with one thigh opening a bit larger than the other if you tell the tailor that you consistently "dress left" or "dress right", but they are more expensive, of course. It'll be noticed for sure but I'm betting there will be more say "damn, where's his sense of taste"? JPG File size: ed: Dec 7, Posts: Likes Received: 1.

Fellas: pants bulge

Hey, Question to all you gentlemen who show ificant soft bulge in dress pants Do you deliberately wear pants knowing people can see every crease and point? If you want to look distasteful and like a jerky high school show off go commando. We also happen to have some of the sexiest members you'll ever meet. And if you adjust the waist a little to the left or right, you may accentuate the bulge.

During lunch time, several men would stand at the urinals and "compare" their goods with each other. If you've got 8 inches soft don't go commando with thin khakis or dress slacks. It happened to me while taking a pic of me and my newborn baby daughter. And, as a result of all these bulges, there was often some "action" going on in the men's rest room in front of the urinals. Whether I wear briefs or boxers, there is a bulge, so I just go with what's most comfortable.

It was very hot! The women are so gossipy where I work I saw eyes glancing at each other when I shifted and no, I'm not just imagining it. There was a time in class when I was passing back quizzes and a class clown said, "Man The cut of the pants is a big factor in determining how much bulge shows. So standing you see mine balls hanging down on the right site and there is a bulge for the cock. I just became re-aware of it today as I was sitting in a conference room with staff, facing a mirror, and had to shift immediately when I caught myself in the mirror.

up below and Dress pants bulge us. I always have one when I wear those. Yes I would! This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I had an embarrassing moment caught on film. Accept Learn More There's not a whole lot to do about it I'm a teacher and am in front of students all day.

How to hide bulge in dress pants?

Dress Pants Bulge? I usually go without underwear. In dress pants the bulge is visable, but not too big. JGalvezmanplezrks and saclove like this. If you are here because you are looking for the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community then you have found the right place. With jeans it is an other situation. JGalvezalteredfcuksizequeenie and 4 others like this.

I am not going to be uncomfortable in tight briefs to keep from showing. I got used to seeing many hot bulges and VPLs all over the place. I must admit that I LUV to see a hot, sexy man wearing dress pants and showing a definite VPL bulge going down one of his trouser legs. If you have a pronounced mushroom head with a prominent corona, that seems more likely to show, altho mostly when hard.

Or, can a man wear a t-shirt without his nipples showing? By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. No I don't, although female attention is not always unwelcomed when it occurs. The fabric of the pants can be a feature. If you want to look sexy wear something that shows a natural modest bulge, like you can't help it.

Fix dress pants bulge in your khakis

It just happens, not much to do about that. My two penneth worth. Other factors are your underwear type and how you choose it, and of course the volume of your genitals or the length of your penis and whether it is at all engorged. XXLJohn Banned. I put mine balls to the right, and mine cock up too the left. Noone ever said any thing but it was there for all to see. The visible penis line VPL is more difficult to predict.

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Most Liked Posts. I wear the stuff as in pants, but in jeans there is less room. And it's also nice to know that you're not only showing off yourself in a costume, but also what comes visible with it :wink:. ed: Mar 8, Posts: 7, Likes Received: If you wear dress pants, you can't avoid showing off a vpl or bulge. You know, it is what it is.

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Dress pants bulge?

The ladies at work requested certain slacks not be worn as they create a "distraction", LOL. I also found boxers can create a fuss too. A lady can not keep her boobs from showing, why should I be concerned about a bulge?

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But its pretty HAWT seeing guys on display Of course, its sexy, and love the attention I get when I do. But when a big penis is hard, it is difficult to disguise it. If you do go commando with 8 soft the only thing more visible would be if you had flashing lights all over your body and a huge that screamed "LOOK AT ME"! Make it reasonableit's much sexier. TDurden Sexy Member. I'm sure he knew you could see his bulge moving and bouncing as he walked, even saw VPL a couple times, it was quite hot! BIGdkluver Expert Member.

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