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Dragon age origins adult mods

Dragon Age Origins Adult Mods
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Dragon Age Redeed. This is the continuation of Dragon Age Redeed. This mod adds new hairstyles available at character creation. Natural Bodies all in one. Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors.

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This is also where the armor came from in the screen shots I have of Alistair for wallpaper images. Hairstyle Day — Yet another Hair mod. A ring from Alistair — This is a nice little mod which gives an engaged female Warden Cousland or others a wearable ring in their inventory. For Alistair and Loghain? Be sure to turn it off before playing that DLC. Change your Mabari to black or white. Only one chargenmorphcfg will work at a time.

Big list of mods (updated 1/14/)

This modder is bringing a taste of II over into Origins. Not so much.

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Use in the DA Toolset. This handy program is called the DA Modder.

30 best dragon age: origins mods of all time (all free)

For now the correct addresses are:. You can edit them yourself if you feel up to the task, but I prefer things as easy as possible. More hairstyles for the DA Toolset or for the in-game character creator. Check it out and bookmark if you like it, this is an ever expanding project.

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It does change other brown Mabari in the game as well, but I enjoy this little mod. I can call them bland — I made them. Make your Mabari look like a Rottweiler. Slap Morrigan. A little leg and much more. Thus if you have 3 different Mods with 3 different chargenmorphcfg files, you get a recipe for instant frustration.

At a random point it will trigger a nightmare for Alistair. Extra Dog Slot. I like all of that so use the combo pack, but if you just want one effect and not all, you can get these individually. Gives your Warden a tent to sleep in either alone or with your love interest. Ever want to get Zevran in your group earlier?

Dragon age: 31 mods you never knew you needed

More Hairstyles. You might, however, particularly if you like The Witcher. War paint does not show up on the 1. Thanks to some kind soul out there, you can have this taken care of in just a few clicks — no tutorials or coding experience needed. The war paint works for this one, but only on the NPC Mabari. Make your console commands visible. Put an end to that and other fugly armor by recoloring it — simple, neat and easy interface with a LOT of options. This only changes the dog in your party so you can use it with the mod above to change the other hounds if you want to.

Remove Weapon FX. This one removes the weird dripping light associated with activating a personal power like Berserker. Zev will then go after you as soon as you leave Lothering. Here is a large selection of sexy armor and robes for both men and women. If you need help using them in the toolset I put up a Tutorial.

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If the ladder bit gets on your nerves and you love the voice set, however, you may want to give this a try. Each of these links has a on it when you go to a dead. Personal FX Remover. Change it into a wolf, Witherfang, or a Blight wolf.

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Chargen Package. You may have had the frustration of having one work, not the other, and not being able to get them to all work at the same time.

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I like the option of seeing the faces of my party members if I want to. If you have white lines showing up in the hair, this can usually be fixed with the DA Toolset. Zev ASAP.

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Many of the links on this are broken. Universal Dye Kit. Sometime I like the helmets and think they look great.

Barker Breaker. Anto Hairstyles — As the name suggests, more hair. Even works with Ser Gilmore. Worked in Awakening, too. Turn about is fair play — sexy female mage robes — you can also get a variety of sexy outfits for your female mages.

True to her form, this exquisite scene is jammed with amazing animations and emotion. The Rotty Mabari. Violent Voice Minor Mod. Make your Mabari bark less. This is a replacement texture for the mod which will put hair on the chests. Improved kiss for Alistair — Give the man a kiss that knocks him out of his boots rather than the generic vanilla version.

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Useful when she disapproves of you opting not to drown a bag of kittens. However, they will make your party drool worthy if you like to look at well dressed or partially dressed women. It overrides her main conversation with a new one adding the slap interaction. The was getting too cluttered. Hair and Beards for Male Dwarves. This Mod replaces one of the robes with a sexier, shirtless version.

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Video at the bottom with the Mod in action. Add a huge array of more skin tones natural and fantasyhair colors, tattoo colors, and brighten the eye colors. Fully customizable so if you want to see your ladies looking sexy but not your men or vise versa you can pick and choose who you reveal in the party. Additional Hair for DA — Even more hair. Now if you want to run around Ferelden full time either in your underwear or in the pants, this mod will allow you to do that.

This one replaces the underwear with a pants only shirtless version. The Witcher comes to Ferelden. All the protection and stats of your armor remain intact, but you see only a character in their loincloth or pants as above. This removes the special effects on weapons when you put runes in them or if they naturally have the effect because of what they do. Exactly what it says it is. DA Modder. The reason for this is the all have a chargenmorphcfg file.

Make your Mabari Grey — although like the Mabari Switch mod this will change all the Mabari in the game. A must for the lady Wardens who love Alistair and marry him at the end. Even more skin, hair, tattoo and eye colors for use in the toolset or with in-game creator. Scroll down to the file you want. Brown hair, brown eyes, brown armor, brown town.

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The excellent storytelling, interwoven with character development and fantastic worldbuildingis masterfully delivered in every entry.

A League Of Their Moan

The first time I played Dragon Age: Origins was on the Xbox and I had a hard time getting into it because of the crappy graphics.