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Do the curtains match the carpet

Do The Curtains Match The Carpet


Having matching curtains and carpet is a ky aspect of bringing your room together. With this in mind, selecting a carpet style that fits well with your drapes is essential.

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Do the curtains match the carpet?

Then the rest of your decor choices fall by the wayside, outshined by the curtains. If you went for the shaggy look with your curtains, then a shaggy rug is your best bet. Beige lends itself well to a natural-looking room such as this wood-paneled one. There are close to 50 shades of red to work with, more than 20 colors in the green family, 50 varieties of yellow, over 50 shades of orange, and upwards of 25 different pink colors.

Do the curtains match the blinds?

For instance, did you know there are upwards of shades of blue? All has gone well in redecorating your home thus far, well, that is, until you get to the living room. Wispy, lightweight curtains call for an equally featherweight carpet. For instance, perhaps you might be wondering if you have to match every curtain in your home.

The carpet matches the drapes

These differentiate zones or spaces, kind of closing things off without any doors. You may have many large spaces instead of enclaves, which makes your home feel spacious and comfortable.

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Even though the curtains are patternless, the room still flows well thanks to other dark blue accents and furniture. Plus, they add a timeless appeal to any space.

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It adds so much brightness to a room, but make sure you clean often to prevent the pristine white from becoming dingy. Still have more questions about pairing your curtains and rugs? website URL optional. Leave this field empty. If you had a green curtain on one side of the room and a red one on the other side, that would grab too much attention.

By staying within a color family, you can ensure your home decorating always matches without being identical.

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These beige curtains, while tied very tightly, are paired with a large beige rug in the center of the living room. The rug and the couch are the same hue as well, which, while not necessary, certainly looks fantastic. Should Curtains Touch The Floor?

For those who love the wide-open feel afforded to you by your floor plan, choose curtains that match throughout. The quest for perfectly matching curtains and rugs can end here. The darker beige curtains are quite heavy, so the home decorator did the right thing with a velvety beige carpet.

Should your carpet match your drapes?

It honestly depends on your tastes! Complementary colors are two hues that oppose one another on the color wheel.

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name or username to comment. All will beautify your home! Let these inspire you to make your best home! If you have thicker, heavier curtains, then an equally thick rug would look right at home in your living room or den. When you started your home redecorating project, you opted to keep your curtains.

The carpet matches the drapes

Color families are huge and thus give you plenty of options. Besides color and texture, matching by pattern is also a great idea. Textures are something else you can have fun with. While a complete match is not required, sticking within the same color family or pattern is recommended. If so, then keep reading. If you have four windows in your living room, does each window need a curtain in the same color? Remember, being in the same color family is enough for the curtains to be considered matching. If you feel like your living room, home office, or bedroom is a little one-dimensional in its neutral hues, then add pops of color with other decor.

Response to does the carpet match the drapes

Which is it? If you still feel a bit of trepidation about accenting your curtains with your rug, then choose all-white everything like this home decorator did.

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You can pair these two decor items together through complementary colors, similar patterns or textures, or even by picking two hues in the same color family. For instance, you could hang up a colorful art piece on the wall or put a vivid, eye-catching paperweight on an office desk.

If they look well enough together, then you can move on with your redecorating project.

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Decorating the rest of the room in neutrals also adds to the sense of unity. What if your home has an open floor plan instead?

Should your carpet match your curtains?

You could go for a lighter blue for your rug, such as Powder Blue or Alice Blue, or you can opt for darker hues like Indigo Blue or Oxford Blue, which is almost like blue-black. Try accenting a living room in these rainbow shades and see for yourself! This first example uses neutral hues to a fantastic degree. For instance, green and yellow, purple and red, and green and red are all complementary colors. How Wide Should Curtains Be? Know the Difference August 27, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Comment.

This homeowner also decided to decorate the rest of the room with this flattering hue, selecting chairs and ottomans in the same beige.

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If you wish you could tighten the floor plan somewhat, then choose curtains in complementary colors.

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You love the color of your walls, so you purchase complementary curtains to frame your windows beautifully.

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You can decorate without exactly matching the color of your drapes and carpet.

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