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Dirty drawings tumblr

Dirty Drawings Tumblr


Also she developed a weird crush on Hidan and she knew it was wroooong. She was very upset about her own behaviour and dreams and at the same time too ashamed about it to talk with anyone. After his nearly-death-experience Genkin got a new companion.

Name: Ros

Age: 22
Ethnic: I'm bangladeshi
Sex: Girl
What is my hobbies: Shopping
Smoker: Yes

ExpectantE, 62k.

Your Place or Mine? Big Bang newbie here but had so much fun with Krysta and Orpheous87 here and this fic is just aesthetic to the max! TroubleE, 7k. A huge thank you to the mods for working so hard to bring this fest together! Go check these iconic fics right now, everyone!

What Real Thing? Minors and antis pls D. Support me on Patreon Buy me a ko-fi! Until they do.

lonely asian Nina

Then they stood side by side behind the counter and began to make up their arrangements. I fall more in love with the pieces every time I look at them.

lonely asian Treasure

And finally, I want to thank M who very generously posted this prompt as free to use. Ohh I do love my Will with scruff but yeah, I can definitely consider some more clean shaven Will .

Happy reading!!!! Tweeters Ao3 My Art Tag. Drarry and Hannigram!!!!????? Hi babe! Thank you to my betas mosrael and hgh for helping this mass of words make sense! How the fuck else am I supposed to limit this to just sex? This holiday season, Harry decides to claim the gift he wants more than anything else. Keep reading. Hello hello! Am I gonna attempt to do Kinktober again this year?

Upthehill x

Un Calculated RiskE, 7k. Moon-EyedE, 29k. Good Talk, PotterE, 6.

passion madam Emmaline

Instead of being a productive member of society, i present to you, this. I hope it lives up to any expectations you had for it! I hope you all enjoy all the amazing art and writing that makes this fic. Am I going to be successful?

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What all of it meant. I am just, enthralled and so in love with this fic, I could not function.

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I drag Potter to bed. I applied on a whim, and I am so glad I did.

Draco smiled and leant over, kissing Harry once more, one hand resting on his cheek as he did so. Draco followed a second later, picking up most of the same flowers as Harry. Your assistance has been very much appreciated. Hi hi my twitter is the same as my tumblr, peachbabypie!

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And then Potter asks me, in a growl that makes my cock throw a wet tantrum in my pants, how many more dates I would deem mandatory before I let him fuck me. Once upon a time I drew Drarry, today I draw again!!!!!!

You just won me over. Happy happy birthday l0vegl0wsinthedark! We draw people kissing.

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Regarding why I have been absent, read the post on my main blog here!