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Coming out on top fanart

Coming Out On Top Fanart


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I also did the same for similar characters, like Shrek and Pikachu. Thanks to Amber Teng. More From Medium.

But here is the resulting dataset from my scraper. In my dataset, the two most viewed artworks were character makers oneand two. in. James Fletcher. Anya Vastava. A Medium publication sharing concepts, ideas and codes. Mine my opinion? Yours might look different from mine because different art works might turn up for your query when scraping. The amount of fan art dedicated to Sonic dwarfs that of the other characters, coming to around 1.

Madison Hunter in Modern Programmer.

Anya vastava

And your resulting dataframe should look something like this yes, it will be massive. This post will walk you through exactly how I did that.

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I first used Python libraries like networkx and matplotlib to visualize the network, but these were indiscernable messes. I first wanted to get a sense of how many Sonic artworks there are on DeviantArt, a fan art sharing website. And the closer a word is to another word, the more times those tags are used together. I saved the dataframe to a CSV and inputted it into gephi.

Get started. in Get started. You can see that artworks from the s represents the majority — perhaps people started posting more in this time, or perhaps those pieces are simply what came up first when I was scraping. Jason Dsouza in Towards Data Science.

Get started Open in app.

Analyzing sonic fan art with data science

My ultimate goal was to analyze the tags that artists on DeviantArt use. Animated shortscomics and character references were also popular. I do, however, react to the top 10 most viewed and most favorited pieces of fan art in my video.

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How good you are with rules? After doing this, you can now construct a dataframe of Sonic fan artworks for analysis! Here are thosevisualized:. Open in app. It was clear I needed a more powerful software. from Towards Data Science. Here is the code for retrieving this data:.

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The Sonic fandom has achieved a level of notoriety that few fandoms on the Internet enjoy. More from Towards Data Science Follow. This post was more meant to explain how I did the analysis.

Part 3. To start, I used BeautifulSoup to scrape the posts the full code for this can be accessed here on Github. Paco Nathan in Knowledge Technologies. Much of it is, in fact, quite wholesome.

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Here, the represents the amount of time both tags were used with one another. Analyzing Sonic Fan Art with data science.

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After creating the corpus, I used scikit-learn to create the correlation matrix. Graph Thinking. Analyttica Datalab.

A tutorial on using beautifulsoup to scrape deviantart

The art is known for being distorted, disturbing and in many cases, explicit. Data Science senior at UC Berkeley; I use data science and data visualization to answer questions I have about pop culture and Internet trends. Your home for data science. In my latest Youtube videoI scraped DeviantArt to analyze fan art to determine whether or not it truly lives up to this reputation.

Which tags are used with which? The Sonic fandom, however, takes this pastime to a new level.

Top 5 among us fan arts

Or, you can watch my YouTube video summarizing this analysis and see what I took out of the network. If you think this article leaves much to be desired, please consider watching my video on the subject — I share more of myfindings and key takeaways there. A tutorial on using BeautifulSoup to scrape DeviantArt.

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Among Us has one of the most massive online communities on the internet.

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The art of anime has been giving artists chills since the day it branched off from its mangaka origins.

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If you want to succeed in digital art you need to master more than one social media platform.

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