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Claire modern family hot

Claire Modern Family Hot


Phil hides a secret about his new client from Claire, but Claire has her own secret about her yoga instructor. Jay needs help to find the identity of an online troll. Cam has an accident whi Read all Phil hides a secret about his new client from Claire, but Claire has her own secret about her yoga instructor. Cam has an accident while forcing Lily to learn how to ride a bike.

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But do you not think that Gloria is intentionally made to look sexier than Claire because that's what the script requires?

Ty burrell's sense of humor is now his trademark.

I second this. It looks like Julie Bowen got some botox or something.

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In my opinion Claire is way better than Gloria. I reckon if both were wearing identical outfits Claire would look way better than Gloria. Wait a second In contrast, I'm all about Alex! I'm all about Haley lately. Beyonce, Oprah, Maya Angelou Continue this thread.

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Hayley though. Sort by: best.

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Don't get me wrong, Gloria is a beautiful woman but damn, Claire is way more attractive. I love everyone here for comments like these. I feel like they picked Claire to be the "average" mom because she is really attractive. Of course it's not just you.

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Claire is dressed as a regular housewife whereas Gloria is sexied up quite a bit. Everyone has different taste in woman. I prefer Claire, as well. Yet here I am, scratching my head. But, at the same time, it's hard not to look at Gloria's body.

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I just finished watching the new years eve episode in season 4 and Claire looked hotter than hell in it. Gloria has the typical sexy voluptuous body most people find attractive. I've always been Team Claire.

Modern family - claire dunphy (julie bowen) in hot underwear

She's gorgeous, but I still prefer Claire. Speaking of, has anyone noticed a difference in Claire's face the last couple seasons?

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But Gloria is still pretty great. I especially notice it when she smiles.

Ty burrell made audiences laugh as phil dunphy.

It seems to be a running gag throughout all seasons that Gloria is 'the sexy one'. Claire has the sexier personality but Gloria is sexier, to me, looks wise. She is so fine in season 7. Saying, hey girls, don't worry, you can still be hot even if you're not ridiculously sexy.

Then and now: the cast of 'modern family' 12 years later

Created Dec 28, Top posts october 25th Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top. Yea I noticed it last season, she definitely has gotten stuff done. The show started as gloria being hotter but I think Claire is aging much better than Gloria not that Sofia Vergara isnt aging well.

Claire all the way.

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Phil is constantly getting caught in embarrassing situations regarding looking at Gloria and such. In my eyes anyway. Don't get me wrong, shes still beautiful, but her face looks a little weirder now.

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Posted by 5 years ago. Just me?

Am i only one who thinks claire is way sexier and more attractive than gloria?

Found the internet! Im a straight female but I admire female beauty.

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Claire has a sexier personality but Gloria is more physically attractive, in my opinion. Once a month this gets asked here. Am I only one who thinks Claire is way sexier and more attractive than Gloria?

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But it's all down to personal taste.

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For 11 seasons, we've seen Claire Dunphy try her hardest to gain control of her household.

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Ty Burrell played dad-est dad of all the d Phil Dunphy on the show and his goofy and lovable humor hasn't changed a bit in 10 years.

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