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Breeding sluts tumblr

Breeding Sluts Tumblr
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Anonymous asked: How do you know ur girl likes blacks? When she gets all wett when they r naked. Posted on January 25, with 3 notes. Posted on January 24, with 83 notes. Posted on January 2, via Trolling in the club with 1, notes.

Name: Vida

What is my age: 40
I like to listen: Easy listening
Stud: I don't have piercings

Even more turned on by her moans and the fact she was enjoying bareback sex, Jim started hammering into her deeper and harder. He was being ever so gentle, just as she liked it, circling a finger inside her then pulling it out and rubbing her juices all over her clit.

He began to kiss me hard as he pushed two fingers inside me, fingering me harder than anyone had ever before. Jim was a popular guy and the best looking guy at college. He rolled on top of her, pinning her body down with his, while keeping her hands over her head.

Breeding black whore tumblr

He admired the view for a moment. It always did it for him and this time was no exception. He took her hands in one of his and placed them gently over her head then went back to kissing her hungrily, devouring her mouth with his, probing his tongue against hers. She opens her eyes in alarm. His eyes were open, looking intently at her, he wanted to see her face the moment he came.

Without moving his mouth away from her nipples she felt his hand slip into her pants and she gasped. It was a party for one of our coworkers and the food and drinks were all free. Cum inside me and get me pregnant. Instead he pinned her down and started thrusting inside her, slowly to start with, then upping his speed as he felt her get wetter. She had only met him that night, but already she wanted to give herself to him, be completely dominated by him and she knew he was just the man to do it.

I want to feel you cum as I impregnate you. She was practically slamming against him at this point and Mike loved every second.

Who's a good girl?

Alex sat across from me during dinner and 4 or 5 drinks later we were both feeling pretty good. She responded by lining his throbbing cock up with her tight hole and pressing herself down on him, moaning as he entered her. Being fucked so hard from behind was driving Lea crazy, she was already feeling that burning tingle deep within, she knew she would cum soon. When she had finished getting dressed she walked back over to where he was still lying naked on the couch.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Alex skillfully worked my clit as I pushed back against him. She began to rock back against him, meeting him on every thrust. She took the pill religiously and also insisted Jim always wear a condom. Violet shook her head no. Beg me to knock you up and make you a mommy. Cum inside me! Except for that one evening….

He continued to kiss her while moving slightly so his cock was in between her legs, just resting against her wet opening. Always in the library, teachers pet, straight As. She was also incredibly beautiful, 5'4", blonde, slim, toned, large breasts, cute smile. Before she could comprehend what was happening, Jim started furiously rubbing her clit, while still inside her, and she found herself cumming hard, her cum soaked pussy clenching around his still throbbing cock, draining him.

She moaned into his neck as his thick cock hit her g-spot with every thrust. He knew he was done for. With a wink I picked up my pack of cigarettes and walked outside, knowing he would follow me. She screamed his name as he gave her one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

He slipped his hand between her legs and rubbed her clit furiously, a sure fire way to get her really turned on. The feeling of his balls slapping against her was heavenly. Lydia was very much a good girl, never partied, preferring to study instead. He confirmed this for me when he reached under the table and began stroking my bare leg. Hearing Lea begging him to knock her up pushed him to the edge.

I was ovulating and my pussy was absolutely drenched at the thought of his cock buried deep inside Breeding sluts tumblr. Inhibitions lowered from the alcohol, and incredibly turned on from the foreplay and the feeling of the tip of a bare cock inside her, Lydia gave in and slowly widened her legs, letting him in deeper. Lydia was the star student at her college. He re-entered her before she could even register a complaint, pushing her legs up over her head and pinning her to the bed.

He paused briefly to finish undressing her then him. Please, I need it. He was thrusting into her with everything he had and she could barely form a thought. I walked slowly behind the building, smoking my cigarette and wiggling my ass as I went. She writhed beneath him as he took one of her breasts in his hand and massaged it while his other hand still gripped her hip.

There was only this moment. She turned to look at him as his hand came down to smack her ass roughly. He reached his hand, that was not groping at her breasts, down to play with her clit.

You feel so good. I reached down and gripped his hard cock through his pants before unzipping them and pulling his cock free.

Kissing Jim always felt amazing but tonight he seemed different, more urgent for some reason. She moaned from the combined pain and pleasure, which made him grin devilishly. We reed the party with his cum dripping down my thighs. It was a Friday night and Jim had persuaded Lydia to take a night off from her studies and go for a few drinks. Will quickly pulled away from the wall and dropped her onto the couch, making sure to flip her over.

Will pulled out and turned Lea over onto her back before lying with Breeding sluts tumblr on the couch. I need to feel you knock me up. He felt his climax rising, but he desperately wanted to feel her contract around him as he came. He followed right behind her, spending himself deep within her. Being such a top student, Lydia was paranoid about getting pregnant. He loved the feel of his cock being gripped so tightly. She was already a little wet from the kisses and he easily slipped a finger inside.

Our coworkers and his wife none the wiser. Then Lea got up and collected her clothes to put back on.

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The harder he rubbed, the more she moaned. Jim felt his balls tighten. He fuckrd me hard against that fence as all of our coworkers enjoyed themselves inside. He did give me a wink and a knowing smile a few months later as he ran his hand over my growing bump and congratulated me on the new baby. The feel of him bare inside me only made the pleasure greater.

Get me fucking pregnant! He pressed his hands into her ass, bringing her closer to him so he could feel his entire length inside her.

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Our moans carried through the parking lot, but neither of us cared. She felt incredible anyway, but without a condom on she felt amazing. She was a bit h in heat for him, so ready to accept his seed and swell with his baby. He never asked if I was on birth control and we never spoke of what happened that night. He almost came the minute she widened her legs.

It seemed being touched like that set her off. He knew full well that she was. I want you to.

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