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Bioshock infinite vr

Bioshock Infinite Vr
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So Bioshock Infinite is now finally so good, I have a hard time not mistaking it for an actual full fledged seated VR experience. While DirectVR brought in what we needed to see this game become playable, the latest updates have finally solved the critical issues one could encounter. For all other graphics options, customize at will.

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I fully expect a BioShock VR title tbh.

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Continue this thread. You don't get proper depth cues most of the time, so everything feels a little flat.

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Sort by: best. Also check out Stereo3DProductions on youtube. Couple that with the atmospheric sounds and music and I actually felt like I was attending the Columbia Raffle. Has anyone tried bioshock in vr using vorpx? Seeing Rapture in VR is pretty awesome, especially during the intro.

Has anyone tried bioshock in vr using vorpx?

Caveat: Bioshock 2 is buggy. Sure, it'd be nice if we could have some of that shoot and loot gameplay we love but I think what people really want when they talk about desiring to play a game like this in VR is to step into and live in that world they've come to know so well. I'm probably going to buy it but I want to know if it's immersive? Haven't tried it on my Vive yet but I played it on the dk1 back then and it was pretty impressive.

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The problem I have with VorpX is it doesn't really give you the true stereo 3D rendering you'd get with a game that's made with VR in mind. I tried Bioshock Infinite on Vorpx and it was really good. I'd still rather play it on a monitor though personally, it's just not made for VR, but if you don't mind the weapon head and all the quirks that come with using vorpx, give it a go.

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Yes, I have. Found the internet! You must not have it set to geometry mode.

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Maybe with a massive amount of tweaking you could find something that's comfortable, but your mileage definitely varies when it comes to how immersive it appears. Can you give an out of ten score based on how immersive it is, the gameplay, and your overall experience with it? He has a lot of great Vorpx guides.

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So instead of feeling like you're there it's more like having a gigantic hemispherical TV glued to your face. More posts from the Bioshock community.

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It was really immersive and utilizes room scale really well. Created May 12, Top posts november 23rd Top posts of november, Top posts Back to Top. Vorpx in geometry mode for stereo 3D is very much like being there. Just being able to physically walk around within those flooded halls would be great. Posted by.

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Definitely better than some of the games I have played using such as Fallout 4. Edit: Also as a side note, it was one of the only games that actually did seem 3D.

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I recommend using a wireless controller and standing up to use the roomscale to its full potential. If anyone has it or has tried it, is it a good vr experience even with a controller?

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I'll be waiting to purchase the VR versions.

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Waiting for news on BioShock 4?