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Bad nannies caught on camera

Bad Nannies Caught On Camera
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Nanny cams are hidden cameras that are frequently installed in normal, everyday objects like teddy bears or cabinets or books in order to record surreptitious footage of caregivers such as nannies, babysitters, and nurses to make sure nothing out of sorts is happening while homeowners and employers are away. While the legality of nanny cams can vary from state to state, the fact is that such hidden cameras have been used to catch all sorts of unsavory behavior, including child and animal abuse. The good news is, since nobody in their right mind wants to watch video footage of or a dog getting beat up, that's not what's being featured in this list. Here's a selection of footage of the weird, the wild, the wonderful, and the downright creepy, all caught on hidden nanny cams and right-out-in-the-open baby monitors. Ghosts, demons, people doing their business where business does not belong, and a handful of people who are dancing like nobody's watching because they foolishly thought no one was watching are all lined up to entertain you.

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The most bizarre things caught on nanny cams

We had a good laugh about it. Warner Bros.

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Two or three times a day, I would get notifications that my mother was taking Little Debbie cakes from the snack stash for the delivery drivers. She got him to drop the price of watching the kid in exchange for a bit of breast milk every now and again.

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Apparently the guy was some sort of fitness nut and had read that breast milk can be very beneficial. She literally had games shoved under the strap of her bra on her back so that she could sneak them out of the house, and others were put inside the waist band of her underwear.

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The kid would go to bed at about 7 p. It happened on and off for about three years. As weird as it sounds, my sister ended up working out a deal with the guy. She must've really thought about this for awhile.

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They were very chill about it, seeing as I clearly didn't drink it while watching their kid, but told me they could get in trouble for supplying. We get notifications on our phones when the doorbell senses movement. They activated nanny cams in a few rooms. We then caught my diabetic dad sitting on the couch binge-eating my kid's Cheetos!

15 things people were caught doing on nanny cams that are either completely random or totally terrifying

They confronted her about it and she kept denying it My mom took her into a room and made her take out all the games she stole. The sitter was about 20 years old and my grandpa was around 70 at the time They were super rich and went out all the time. Anyway, we got the games back and she was sent home without pay. He nailed it, amazingly. We encourage their love as best we can now.

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My parents were in town and stayed a week to watch our dogs while we went out of town. Then, they must have changed their security system or something because I got busted. My dad does not get embarrassed easily, so I had to say something.

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I discovered my former superintendent was coming into my apartment randomly to steal a nugget from my jar of weed. She had her suspicions because my nephew would go through twice as much milk when the babysitter was taking care of him.

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I ended up with footage of him staying the night, sleeping in my bed naked, and bringing over another dog he was sitting for someone else. My dad replied, 'Fuck you, and you will need to buy more Cheetos!

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Share This Article Facebook. I wouldn't drink it on the job, but I'd pour it into my water bottle to take to my next party. My parents initially put the camera up because they got suspicious after their laundry soap kept disappearing and their water bill was so high.

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I said, 'Hey, dad, last time I checked those were not diabetic-friendly Cheetos". My sister set up the camera and caught the guy in the act. He let that dog sleep in my bed with him. When they returned, they found footage of my grandpa and the sitter both naked and aggressively making out and, eventually, banging on my parents' bed.

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Although nannies, babysitters, and anyone else available to care for children can seem like the salvation of any parent who wants or needs to go out, there's an obvious level of trust that comes with hiring one.

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Shocking moment nanny violently shakes, swings and hits a baby because 'she is in a bad mood'.