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Artificial academy 2 how to play

Artificial Academy 2 How To Play


Artificial Academy 2 [ edit ]. Every mandatory prompt you get over the course of the day homeroom lesson, sports class and club time count as you working by yourself, so the mitigating effects of "Everyone! These prompts can offer three different successes and failures, indicated by flavor texts and chimes:. As stated above, the three choice prompt influences your Intelligence and Strength.

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It might also interest my NTRbros that the game allows multiple characters to compete for the affections of another, leading to some interesting situations based on character attributes and mods. AA2 is the game we've been waiting for a sequel for, but it's not like it's lacking in content at this point. I liked it a lot even though the characters are blank you are able to give them there own fun personality.

Artificial academy 2: training

New posts. The only true porn game. Edit: I also strongly recommend AA2 Unlimited, a mod that adds a huge amount of functionalities, extras and, most importantly, personality modules: these modules are basically scripted traits that create custom events and add interesting traits to both NPCs and PC. Now to the actual review.

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You start some shit and she is forced to choose between you - hope you asked her what her opinions on food are times. If you want futa, gay, harem, scat, feet, just about anything, it's here or can be found by lurking on a certain imageboard. It is the bane of illusion game for me but no story or anything of the type is a downside, it's really just a sex scene simulator and a chara creator game, there is some kind of dating sim system but it's rubbish.

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Make an incorruptible maiden and hold hands behind the bleachers. I really liked it, even if the characters are blank, you can give them a fun personality. This isn't really the game's strong suit though, what makes it enjoyable is setting up scenarios, such as guy A is dating girl B who likes A but is being exploited by guy C and as a masochist likes it, then is caught during sex by A who breaks things off and ends up with girl D, but girl B is evil so she kills D.

You just can't get this complexity in most games with relationships without a canned story line, and all this can happen organically just from a combination of character attributes. It has sex as a gameplay mechanic and sex scenes as the game's objective.

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One of illusion best and a true classic, not really into character creation in general but spent a good amount of time on this one, there is also so much community content that do add a lot of hours once you get bored of playing vanilla. You can have a love triange, you can do almost anything that involves sex and romance, which is quite fucking impressive level of roleplaying.

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I haven't played a single game that incorporated its ero material into the gameplay this smoothly. Walking onto campus and finding your waifu's virtue has cratered and Chad Thundercock is slamming her ass behind the dojo.

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Just be prepared for a fat GB download though. Just reading the old Hongfire forums about the conflict created from mixing in different characters was worth getting to know the game, and personally I think its the closest thing to an accurate if obviously simplified and porn focused school "relationship" simulator we are going to get without advanced AI. The H-scenes, like all Illusion's games, are animated nicely in 3D, while the basic game is in a lower resolution with simplified characters to keep speeds at acceptable levels.

I played that game years ago, and it was fun!

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The only negative is understanding and setting up the game. Its an open world, with the ability to create characters like in a sort of sims-like style that allow you to have near endless customization with the help of mods.

There's no plot, but there's plenty of stuff going on. Pretty sure there's a yandere plugin too but don't quote me on it. Live Sex Cams.

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That and in the nearly six years since its release, nothing else has come close, leaving us with only the faint bitter hope that Illusion will stop pumping out garbage and give us the sequel we dream of. I strongly raccomend it nonetheless as it is actually pretty good for an H game, and worth mentioning that it is fully translated. Artificial Academy 2 was pretty intertaining for about 15 hours or so including modding and fooling around with cheats but after that it gets a bit boring due to the limited amout of content. Really recommended, can appeal to anyone to some extent! Top Bottom.

A lot relies on imagination here, since you can't actually see or hear most interactions your character isn't involved in, but the effects are definitely present, and characters can act very differently from one other based on traits, personality, orientation, and more. Showing all items.

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In most ero games,the porn scenes are usually either a "punishment" mechanic, some kind of restorative mechanic, or some kind of an "achievement earned" screen. The gold standard of not just Illusion games, but of H-games in general. Version: Finished Well this is by far the most unique dating sim i have played yet. Latest Updates. Log in.

How to instal artificial academy 2

Load up on supplies and seal yourself in, there's more than a few sweaty hours to lose playing this game. I played that game years ago, and it was quit fun! AA2 does it perfectly.

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The game really is a gem and I would encourage anyone to give it a try, if not keep it on your hard drive for you are doomed to revisit its greatness. AA2 Mini is the definitive way to play the game, and plugins and guides are available for a wide range of tastes. After playing Custom Maid 3D 2 i didn't expect this game to stand against it, but it actually does in its own way. You really, really need to read the wiki, and start small to properly enjoy things.

Artificial academy 2 guide

Forums Adult Games Games. Imagine playing a Sims game which focused more on individual personalities and dramatic stories that emerged.

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A modern classic. The game offers various way to pass time: simulate a japanese school life, interact in many different ways with other students and teachers, get a partner or multiple ones and enjoy H-stuff. This alone makes it much more customizable and non-linear than a lot of porn games, both eastern and western, but it's the modding scene that has helped the game endure.

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If you absolutely hate learning game mechanics, and creating characters, you can still play but its probably not going to be much fun. If you came for vanilla or just because you're hot for teacher, there's plenty here for you guys too.

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The setting is japanese high school that has been corrupted by Slaneesh the lust God and you are part of that. Some traits combined with low virtue can make it incredibly easy if all you want is to H some girls. Discussion Reviews 9. You can even fuck right open in front of the class if you want, but just be awere of the consequences.

Highly recommended, just play the thing. Its one of Illusion's best games, and could even be considered when the company reached its peak. There's parameters to ensure she's immune to everyone else. Depending on the target of your character's affections, there can be a lot of grinding, but there are cheats as well as save editors to make things easier.

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Artificial Academy 2 [ edit ].

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Please read this guide on how to install, update and use AAUnlimited!

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This lists the requirements for getting sex in ascending order according to virtue.