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Anime necromancer male

Anime Necromancer Male
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These characters specialize in necromancy, a form of dark magic that involves controlling the dead. Necromancers may summon and control the souls of the dead, or reanimate fresh, rotting or skeletal corpses in order to make them do their bidding. The life of the shinobi is beginning to change. Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja who bears a great power hidden inside him, a power that has isolated him from the rest of his village. As such, his only dream is to become the Hokage - the most powerful ninja, and leader of the village; but first he needs to graduate!

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Instead of raising corpses to fight for him, he simply uses body parts. Commonly overlaps with Necromantic ; either someone attempts necromancy in order to bring back their loved one, or this was the start of their descent into evil. Later Undead Edison. The word necromancy comes from the words nekros dead and manteia prophecymeaning that necromancers are more likely to summon spirits for divination than armies of rotting zombies. On a more personal level for the heroes though, he's the one responsible for bringing back Gray's dad, Silver, as an end result of experiments involving just how well he can revive someone.

In fact, since it requires a great deal of human empathy, it's pretty much exclusively limited to heroic Newtypes. As it usually in the resurrection going wrong and forcing them to kill their loved one. All use the Impure World Resurrection Anime necromancer male, which involves using a Human Sacrifice to resurrect somebody else in an indestructible golem-like body.

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Necromancy, the magic of Interrogating the Deadhas been practiced since at least Ancient Greecewhere it was known as Necromantiaand probably earlier. Rabbit from Juni Taisen: Zodiac War can control the corpses of anyone he kills, turning them into his undead servants.

Community Showcase More. Things get complicated when he actually succeeds in necromancy, bringing his cat, as well as the eponymous girl, Back from the Dead. Age of the Wolf : Sister Sigrid is a sapient Wolf Woman who is shown being able to resurrect werewolf corpses to lay a trap for the heroine.

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In typical media they're the epitome of the Evil Sorcerershowing none of the respect Due to the Deadusing The Dark Arts to create an army of skeletonszombiesundead animals and undead monsters or any kind of Undead being to ravage the countryside or enslave souls of the damned for their own evil and twisted purposes. Comic Books. Despite his morbid use of magic, he's actually a pretty decent guy.

Good career entry points for becoming a necromancer include occultists, dabblers in voodoo, grave diggers, morticians, possessed eight-year-old girls, and inheritors of scary books wrapped in human flesh. In Code Geass: Nightmare of NunnallyCharles zi Britannia's Geass, "The Dead Rise", allows him to raise the dead to fight for him, creating soldiers that are virtually unkillable unless he dies, at which point, they die too.

Anime where the mc is a necromancer.

In Hyper Policenecromancery is occasionally used by police investigators, by means of channeling spirits. It's not unheard of for a necromancer to be one of The Undead themselves, often a lich. It mostly involves fighting ghosts, so there is no "evil sorcerer" part there.

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Follow TV Tropes. Rades Spirito from Black Clover.

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Of coursethat doesn't stop them from unleashing the hordes on the bad guys instead! When he learned everything he could from his masters he graduated by killing everyone in Lyceum. This is what she did to her teammate Bambiettaeven when she was alive and begging her not to do it while lying on the ground helpless.

This means that sometimes necromancers are seen in a more sympathetic lightusing their powers to commune with the deadheal othersor use their power over souls for good ends. In Bleachthis is the main offensive power that Sternritter Giselle Gewelle has. The somewhat recent manga Necromancer features one as the main character. There is also a minor Spectre named Necromancer Byaku, but he has no actual power of corpse manipulation, and is Anime necromancer male one who got temporarily resurrected instead. A practitioner of a specific kind of WhatevermancyNecromancers are the masters of the art of death.

Finally, his basic fighting technique is to summon tons and tons of skeletons. His Wraith Magic lets him reanimate dead individuals by putting his mana in their corpses, putting them under his complete control. One of Kenshiro's creepier one-shot foes from Fist of the North Star was an evil priest-looking guy by the name of Zaria who could hypnotize people into "zombies" via Nanto Ansho Ken and ultimately revives a group of his mooks that Kenshiro had just given the Your Head A-Splode treatment to.

Furthermore, they may become partially undead. One of his crew members is Perona, who can create and command ghosts.

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Want a zombie army? He can also gift his servants with a straightforward resurrection if they've fallen in battle, but you better damn hope he considers you useful enough to bother. See also Fossil Revival. Most stories involving Anime necromancer male and inexperienced necromancers include the Aesop of how you should respect the cycle of life and death.

Judge Dredd : Necromancers have shown up on occasion. If they were mages, the zombies can use their own magic. By injecting her blood into other Quincys, she can take control of them when they're dead, turning them into literal, mindless zombies. The main character Chihiro from Sankarea is a zombie aficionado and a wannabe necromancer. The Legend of Wonder Woman : The Duke of Deception can reanimate Nazi soldiers and attack with dark souls which seem to emanate from the Baetylus.

The Ancient Belka king who ruled over the Garea empire and had the ability to raise an army of Mariage out of a battlefield of corpses. As the main for the comic states, "Summoning a zombie kraken may be the most awesome thing he's ever done. However, necromancy didn't always have the evil connotations that it has in media today. One of Zarok's specialties, and what got him banished from Gallowmere in the first place.

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However, if she's really motivated, she can summon a freaking undead dragon; however, since it generally scares her, she's only done this twice so far. Sometimes a character will approach a necromancer for their help in bringing back their beloved which never ends well. Following this, one might wonder if a necromancer could animate the ashes from an urn, or that hamburger you ate yesterday currently inside your small intesitne. He fights using heart-seeking bullets made from human fingers and frag grenades made of human hearts packed with teeth and nails that rot flesh.

Even if they aren't liches or other forms of undead themselves, they are likely to have unlocked other ways of prolonging their own lives to unnatural lengths. He did it to Anime necromancer male his wife from the dead so he's got the Necromantic thing going on as well. To question any found corpses whether they were murdered.

Using magic, he can summon her coffin at will and release her. Yet for some reason, she considers her main job as a dominatrix way more respectable.

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After Diana gets her lasso of truth on him he learns that the spirits have more power over his actions and thoughts than he has over them, and he's been duped into the role he's playing though he was okay with it until he learns the death he's been trying to avenge did not occur. He's the descendant of the original Dr. Faustus who made a Deal with the Devil and Faust learned about being a shaman and necromancy from his books. The villain from Judgment DaySabbat the Necromagus, animated an army of zombies to launch a global Zombie Apocalypse.

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He's polite, speaks in fancy, almost poetic phrasesand is responsible for controlling traitor Councilman Crawford's corpse to remotely activate the Face bombs crucial to the guild's plans. The career of necromancer is an excellent choice for evil-doers who are not a "people person. It was widely practiced across the world until the Renaissance when it was equated with demonology and got its bad reputation.

Depending on the specifics of the setting, it shouldn't logically be any different from repurposing some old worn out shirt that someone Anime necromancer male has discarded, for example. Only metaphorically related to Thread Necromancerwhere one resurrects dead forum thre.

He experimented on the dead, and when he returns to Gallowmere in MediEvil, he raises the dead in an attempt to take the kingdom. Silver hates him because of it. Black Moon Chronicles : Haazheel Thorn has control over the living dead, raising them as part of his army.

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He raised some of the best soldiers from the dead in order to claim the throne, including the current Knights of the Round. Not to mention he's about the most evil character we see until Big Bad shows up. Any villain that Anime necromancer male necromancy is guaranteed to fall hard onto the far side of the evil scale, and any hero who dares to dabble in it can kiss his position on the good side goodbye.

In another case of Fridge Logicmany writers have recently begun to question whether this form of magic would even be inherently evil in the first place. She's actually a nice little girl being forced to do things she doesn't wantbut having an army of cyborg zombies that invades and burns down neighboring countries gave her a rather bad reputation. In other cases, it involves the phrase " Be Careful What You Wish For " when those necromancers try to bring back a loved one.

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During Brightest DayAquaman could animate and control the corpses of sea creatures as a side effect of his death and resurrection. The most powerful Newtypes of Gundam 's Universal Century can perform a limited and relatively benign form of necromancy, communicating with and in extreme circumstances drawing power from the spirits of the dead.

He also appears to have knowledge of communicating with spirits. Judge Death himself also has some power over the dead, forcibly zombifying both Chief Judge Silver to continue tormenting and humiliating him and a Cursed Earth resident named Malachi to wipe the radlands clean of life. Naturally, Kenshiro considers this level of disrespect for the dead unforgivable. Gecko Moria from One Piece is one.

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The Big Bad of the anime version of Fullmetal Alchemist uses forbidden Human Transmutation and could be seen as a necromancer. The protagonist of Ghost Talkers Daydream works part-time as a necromancer.


After all, if the necromancer's magic can both hold together the bones of a skeleton despite the absence of ligaments and provide it with motor functions despite the absence of muscles, why then does the skeleton suddenly cease to function anyway when those same bones get pulverized by the knight's warhammer?

His backstory shows that he was Murd's best student. Get Known if you don't have an. He actually succeeded in killing Dredd, only to revive him.

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It is often theorized, by many in fanon, that she was possibly Anime necromancer male lover of Cross' when she was alive, but nothing has been stated as of yet. Shadow Man : Master Darque has the ability to manipulate, morph and bind souls into grotesque soul eaters.

He can steal peoples shadows and use them to animate corpses he has prepared. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : Enya Geil from Stardust Crusaders has the StandJustice, a mist that can enter decayed corpses through the holes in their body to raise them as zombies. She only listens to Cross. His magic was mainly necrotic but he became a disciple of the Universal Center of Learning and Knowledge called Lyceum.

In the Judge Child QuestDredd came across Murd the Oppressor, an alien tyrant-sorcerer who could resurrect the dead and was the keeper of Sagbelly, a giant sacred toad. But since that's not nearly as interesting as zombiesthe idea of a necromancer unleashing waves of zombies still persists.

Thomas Edison in Atomic Robo. You need to to do this. He can also commit suicide and zombify himself as a last resort. Since necromancers are typically seen animating not only still-fleshy corpses as zombies but also completely skeletal remains, Fridge Logic may raise the question of why there exists an arbitrary point past which a body is too decomposed to reanimate.

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Yes, the Necromancer is a powerful spellcaster who is capable of bringing the dead back to life.