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Amputee photo shoot

Amputee Photo Shoot


Douglas Bader Foundation. I am putting a call out to those without one or both legs, who use a wheelchair for mobility, even occassionally, to participate in a photographic project. The aim of the project is to try and change the perception the general public have of amputees.

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These photos of wounded veterans are both sexy and inspiring

Posing with guns means accepting to continue with this devastation. They work with weapons everyday.

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Posing with the guns makes it all even sexier. You can be still hot as hell!! Posing with guns, means accepting to continue with this devastation.

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It's an intrinsically sick culture that glorifies the weapons of war. Then maybe you should find a strong boyfriend to explain how firearms work. Go on, show yourself to the world, live with a free spirit! You have strong, beautiful war heroes who face impossible odds every day right in front of you and your biggest concern is the guns? Just image what they went through to get to that point.

Pregnant amputee does maternity photoshoot to empower women with disabilities

I agree with Frederic! They are "posing " with the very weapons that they protected you with!!!! Follow us on Flipboard. They are posing with the "guns" in which protected your freedom!!!!! Imagine these veterans and what they have gone through. So what? You're looking at amputee Amputee photo shoot veterans and your biggest concern is the props?! My mouth babbled madness and mumbled soft pleas.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about guns and what not but before going off about how repulsive it is that a photographer is taking pictures or veterans with guns think about what you are saying and how it will be perceived by people. Start writing! It's there's to do with what they please, so why you gotta judge? Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your. On the contrary While I have nothing against glorifying or fetishizing. Just imagine them holding grenades instead of rifles Well, if they had posed with grenades, claymores or IEDs it wouldn't be so great considering explosives are probably what took their limbs - So why should assault weapons, which are just as if not more common in warfare, be any better?

My god people these people not only fought for us they lost ALOT.

A unique opportunity for a single or double amputee who uses a wheelchair for mobility to take part in a photo shoot with a professional photographer

Sigh There always going to be "that guy", isn't there. Anyone can write on Bored Panda. These people ARE physically beautiful, despite their injuries, but if you can't see the cognitive dissonance in it, that's not the problem of the aware. I see about the cigarette thing Butt no pun intended like when I watched the TV show Mad Men- they were always lighting up even though I don't like the act of smoking that was the 60s Today it's different and kind wrong to glorify smoking Well, maybe the fact that they ARE professional warriors and show off with their lost limbs?

We have sent an to the address you provided with an activation link.

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This comment is hidden. Perhaps 'inking up' is just their way of claiming what's left with extra pride that stands out. The project began with Alex Minsky, a U. Marine whose leg was amputated after suffering a roide bomb in Afghanistan in They already have it.

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You could not have missed the point of this post more. Of course you can, feel confident and don't forget that you are still you and that's all that matters. They are trained with guns And various other weapons. But maybe Amputee photo shoot too European for you to understand The only ones who missed the point, are those who after locking at this pictures, couldn't understand that war doesn't get us humans to a point.

The first guy knocked my socks off- and I really don't like tattoos! Follow Bored Panda on Google News! Because they seemingly do not reject the reasons they've become veterans in the first place. Fredrik Stipps, grow a set and serve your country! I'm not into all the tattoos either, however I understand people who get them or a lot of them do it as a way to own their body or take it back.

As an amputee, this post shows me that there's no problem with that :!!! You could not have missed the point of this series more.

War veteran amputees captured in powerful shots by photographer michael stokes after kickstarter campaign

I'm good, thanks. Reminds me a little of Monty Pyrhon's Black Night I think it's really weird to show, what weapons can do to you and pose with weapons at the same time. They are presented as a fashion accessory in these hyper-stylized images. Nut up.

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It's supposed to make you realize that these men and women are risking it all while the rest of us are stuck in our iphones. Fredrik Stipps, you obviously, have never served your country! It's not the guns or any other weapons who hurt them, it's the wo men behind those weapons who Amputee photo shoot it in their direction or put it on their way.

For art sake cant we just adjust a little bit of our perspective to appreciate this never before seen kind of photographic master piece they surely are Awesome. The only ones who miss the point are the ones who after locking at this pics didn't understand that war is not good for humans. And perhaps they still believe in the fight they took part in. I really think you could have used a better term than "repulsive". Did you need a tampon?? They are all hot inside as well! And they are very obviously dedicated to the objectification of human beings, right on!

Are you kidding me! In these photos, i look at the guns they carry being as war-reminding as the prosthesis' they wear. But I understand what you mean. Prime examples of the male of the spieces. Let's just hope you never need a gun to save your life.

Sexy wounded war veterans show they’re confident enough to be hot models

You sound like a stuck up twit who A doesn't appreciate what these people have done for all of us and B who instead of seeing the purpose behind the pictures singled out the ONE giant controversial thing and replied not just negatively but also very rudely to it. They are veterans. I bet they carry a gun with them at all times just to feel a small bit of safe. Especially when you have in mind they lost their limbs through violence and weapons That's the point. Did you stop and think that the meaning behind it was that even though they are physically wounded they are still dedicated to the job they have been trained to do?

People with PTSD aren't necessarily scared of weapons. Showing that they aren't scared of weapons helps assure people about PTSD. Your is not active. There is a beast with heart of cold stone that dashes like lightning, shreds flesh from bone. More info: michaelstokes. O saw not a single gum on these photos, unless you count all those muscles!

Michael Stokes, a fine arts photographer in California, takes a bold new approach to veteran portrait photography by taking powerful and sexually charged photos of confident veterans posing proudly with their amputated body parts and prosthetics. It's because they're Americans My boyfriend is quite strong, but Amputee photo shoot does not use or has every owned a gun.

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A photographer who took a series of poignant shots of male and female war veterans who have lost limbs in service has seen his efforts turned into a hardcover book.

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Minsky's nude shoot showing his amputation added to the veteran's popularity, helping him land a multi- spread in GQ and a major modeling career.