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Ahsoka tano and anakin skywalker fan fiction

Ahsoka Tano And Anakin Skywalker Fan Fiction
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Three years since The Torguta woman pushed Luke backwards, the young man tripping over a log and onto his back. Book 1 ahsoka anakin clone starwars wars He leaves them for what he thinks is love. My twin brother Anikan was born to be the one to bring order and peace to the force. It was a baby.

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I love you, too. Ahsoka smiled at the message, the unique form of communication entirely too rare between them.

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I had a nightmare… and I… I needed to make sure you were Once she was comfortable under the blanket, she felt Anakin heave a deep, tired sigh. Registered: Oct 11, Nicely done on both chapters, thisisme!

Read anakin skywalker fanfiction stories - webnovel

Findswomanteamhansolo and ThisIsMe like this. What else are sisters for? The fact that you did it primarily through dialogue is especially yummy. This is just our two favorite Jedi being cute.

Read anakin skywalker fanfiction stories - webnovel

Notes: Although this isn't the first fanfic I've written, this is the first I've posted and to be honest I'm kinda nervous Note in note: This story is finished, but I will probably post in two or three or so parts. Rex gives a good explanation for Ahsoka's tears in this moment.

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She was pretty sure there were tears in his eyes. Registered: Jun 26, Disclaimer: Umm I think you would've heard if I bought Disney I didn't. You okay there? Ahsoka's insecurities is perfectly in character of the time, and as surprising as Anakin's emotionality is, the brother-sister bond comes through loud and clear.

What a beautiful debut piece, and I look forward to reading the next installment.

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Of course Ahsoka is going to collect a couple of demons during the war, and she's certainly not the only one fighting nightmares - but it's the comradery and bonds between them that make persevering possible. But you are kinda cute, though. No pun intended. Instinctively, she snatched her lightsaber from beside her place on the ground and ignited it as she burst out of the tent. I thought you just said you loved me? He shifted, attempting to find a more comfortable position. When I was sick, he took care of me.

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It was also almost dead silent as the men caught their first wink of sleep in perhaps days, save for the gasping breaths of Ahsoka Tano. She was ready to search for him, defend him, save him, beg that they take her life instead of his-- A steady hand gripped her arm and held her still. I love the Rex's quip in chapter 1 and the playful exchange between Anakin and Ahsoka in chapter 2. There was nothing to be afraid of anyways, she reasoned with herself.

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You are the first person who ever understood me, are still the only person I feel comfortable talking with - really talking. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk. Tags: ahsoka anakin skywalker clone wars. So that would explain the tears and the shivers and the way she was practically clinging to him to stay upright.

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Ahsoka's reactions and concerns are very much in character as is Rex's gentle assurance. Geez, Tano, get a hold of yourself, she mentally scolded, simultaneously fighting the tears back as she lay awake, her eyes wide open and her entire body shaking.

Here you go, people Oh, and there is one TLJ reference Here she was, Ahsoka Tano, Jedi Padawan, Republic Commander, running to her master over a nightmare - admittedly one so terrifying she still shook. Last edited: Jul 17, ThisIsMeJul 17, Khalia OctateamhansoloFindswoman and 1 other person like this. Rumor has it he had to drag his Master to his tent and force him to go to sleep. Anakin almost yelped playfully, but thought better of it, amazed that Obi-Wan had slept through all their racket.

Star wars fanfiction anakin and zygerrian queen

I can't wait for more interaction between the characters! ThisIsMeJul 13, Registered: Aug 31, Great debut! Love this! Jedi Council Forums.

When I was your age and had a nightmare, Obi-Wan came to me. Anakin used the Force to snatch a pillow off the ground and throw it at her face. Welcome to the new boards!

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Last edited: Jul 16, Hi again, everybody! Ahsoka and Anakin are so awesome together, they really make a great team. Too many females seem to agree.

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She wanted to lie to him, to spare herself the shame, but he would sense the truth anyways. She was a Republic Commander, thank you very much, not a Crecheling. CaraJinnJul 14, Registered: Jun 29, Aww, there are most certainly not enough Ahsoka and Anakin fics on the boards - and when you add in Rex being such a dear to boot I am one happy reader.

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Registered: Jan 8, The description of the characters' relationships was definitely good. I promise Anakin does come into this What did you think? Warning: There is practically no plot. Thanks so much for the reviews!!

Anakin and ahsoka fanfiction

Don't know if I am supposed to answer each one individually, but you guys are the best - I love having you as my first reviewers ever teamhansolo : you are a cheater and therefore prohibited from commenting. Part I: It was almost pitch-dark in the Republic Camp where the st legion had dropped for the night after their victory, save for the army-issue lanterns that were casting eerie dancing shadows on the sides of tents as they swayed in the wind.

Hope you like it! Ahsoka Tano was very possibly one of the most level-headed people - not to mention teenager - he knew, but after-battle nightmares could shake up even the toughest fighter.

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I decided to do all the rest of it in one piece because the first one was pretty short. Registered: Jun 25, I think I know what's gonna happen Registered: Mar 21, People should care for each other that way and war does things to you and you need a support system to help you pull through.

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So sweet!! Details here! Using her weapon as a glow rod, she scanned the area as systematically as she could manage in her near-panic state.

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The Republic had won, the men were safe, Anakin was finally sleeping on the other side of the tent and-- wait.

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As the world crashes down around them, they have to decide how to stop the Chancellor from winning a game nobody else knew they were playing.

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The Star Wars franchise encompasses everything from the Skywalker saga and stand-alone movies, to live-action television series, cartoons, novels, and comic books.

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