Fun Blogs on Writing

The Internet can be cheesy, annoying, perverse, but it also can be interesting if you happen to hit on the right sites. Below are some of my favorite Blogs that deal in some way with the art of writing.

Top of the List is The Dark Side of History.  I’m going out on a limb on this one because it’s a brand new Blog, and I’m hoping the blogger keeps it up. What I like about the posts so far is they are written with elegance, and I especially love the ones on Fun With Words, where words are dissected based on their historical roots. Check out the one on the word Villain.

D.W. Beyer, Steampunk Author has a great site. He states that  his plan for this blog is really nothing more than chronicling and sharing my journey to becoming a writer. What he’s come up with is an enjoyable Blog, where he shares his enthusiasm for writing with discussions on his characters and the quirky books he’s read and liked.

I haven’t forgotten you poets. Although I’m not the most poetical writer, I do enjoy this particularBlog, called We Write Poems. They give writing prompts for poems and they make it fun.   It’s a good way to tickle those brain cells into creative activity.

Hope you enjoy them…if so, drop the bloggers a comment or click on a Like button to let them know there is someone out there reading their Blogs.

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